Kicking this look up another notch, the America’s Got Talent judge’s $695 Gianvito Rossi black peep toe pumps added a chic touch to the ensemble. But the sleek heels pale in comparison to Heidi’s gorgeous Herm Birkin bag. Not only is this bamboo green version one of the newest Birkins to hit shelves, it’s also custom made just for Heidi with special dark green handles.

This is supposed to be ten ideas, but here’s a bonus one because you deserve a reward for reading and (hopefully) contemplating what I’ve said. Be realistic and kind to yourself. Being kind can mean throwing away the chips instead of consuming them! You took years putting on the weight, it will take a long time to lose it.

Hermes Belts Replica He says that women don’t have the punching power to knock anyone out, which seems like a strange thing to bring up in your girl self defense book. Because if that’s true, what the fuck are we doing here, Willy? And maybe the reason women can’t knock anyone out is because you teach them to punch like this:__new_line____new_line____new_line__Willy punches like a blind person searching through broken glass. Either he’s adapting judo for penguins or he hates women so much that he wants them all to break their hands. Hermes Belts Replica

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